Why Choose Cindy Keith RN?

Cindy Keith RN provides valuable expertise to your organization or family.

Cindy Keith, R.N. is an author, experienced public speaker and trainer who obtained first-hand knowledge as a nurse, manager and researcher. She is driven by her passion to enlist care providers in her mission to “move in nurturing directions” in the field of memory care.
Prior to events and facility trainings, Cindy conducts thorough research to determine the objectives of the facility or group, emotional climate and audience issues. Realizing that each facility and/or organization has unique issues and questions, she customizes each presentation based on the information she gathers prior to the event. If applicable, a marketing checklist is completed so Cindy’s team can maximize the event – whether an eldercare facility is increasing its knowledge in the area of Alzheimer’s or Cindy is proving a keynote speech to your association or event. The call concludes with a clear set of tasks and contacts as well as a timeline for delivery.


Cindy allows her talks to be audio or video taped, and groups and facilities are able to offer those as presentations as downloadable podcasts and webcasts at a prearranged cost depending on audience size and intent. Transcripts of her presentation can be provided for a fee of $200.
Cindy will be happy to shoot a short promotional video that can be emailed to event attendees or posted on your website. She can also shoot a more content rich piece that can introduce or provide insight into her session and help create connections prior to the meeting for a fee of $200 for videographer and editing.


Upon request, Cindy can provide an article for a client’s trade publication, newsletter or website prior to or following the event.

Hire Cindy for more

Cindy is concerned about the success of her message and is always open to contribute in other ways while she is on site. Cindy does not charge more than her regular keynote fee to do a breakout, moderate a panel or emcee a session provided she can return home same day.