Pay-Per-View Staff Training Videos

Basic Staff Skills

  • Body language is crucial. Get into their reality & out of your own.
  • Therapeutic fibs & talking around a subject.
  • YOU are responsible for any injuries.
  • Skills you must possess: nurturing, caring manner.
  • Good work ethic, willingness to learn about the client; be person-oriented.
  • Validate feelings/emotions.
  • Redirection.
  • Offering choices.
  • Things to NEVER do & what to ALWAYS do instead with elders with dementia.

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Challenging Behavior Scenarios: Finding Triggers and Other Crucial Tips

  • Quick recap of crucial skills needed to work safely and effectively with elders with dementia.
  • A great objective to have: “Maintain or improve the health, happiness, dignity & safety of every person with dementia you encounter;”
  • YOU are responsible for any injuries.
  • Some common, incorrect caregiver responses to elders with dementia (scenario): treating them like a child, lecturing or re-orienting, displaying impatience or anger; blaming the elder with dementia.
  • Scenario: Home care worker being ordered by elder with dementia to leave.
  • Finding triggers behind negative behaviors and problem-solving.
  • Don’t just run around doing damage control!
  • What could a deviation from “normal” behavior mean?

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Effectively handle or prevent sundowning, pacing/fidgeting

  • How to deal with elders with dementia who are sundowning.
  • Reasons behind pacing/fidgeting and how to distract.
  • Packing repeatedly to go home.
  • “Shopping” in other people’s rooms/closets & how to maintain dignity.
  • Hoarding or hiding items or food.
  • Tips for how to get elders with dementia to take their meds.
  • Tips for how to safely get elders with dementia to agree to bathe.

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