M.I.N.D. in Memory Care Success Stories

Presentation: Keeping Your Brain Healthy for the Future

“One of your BEST speakers!”

“Great update!  Enjoyed thoroughly.  Remarkable speaker!”

“Appreciate the fact that she presented updated material on current research.”

The Keynote: “Love, Laughter and Mayhem”

“Excellent presentation – engaging”

“Fantastic speaker.  Learned so much.”

“Excellent speaker.  Very knowledgeable – would love her talk at our facility on a video of this presentation.”

“Very creative ways of providing care.  Thank you!”

“I really enjoyed her personal examples and you can tell she enjoys what she does – excellent information!  Funny, personable, caring – excited to read her book!”

HealthED Testimonials“I found this program to be VERY INTERESTING and HELPFUL. It was not your usual “dementia” program. Many of the ideas I can apply to my job.”

Colleen Nerney, LICSW

“I will be able to apply all these techniques to home care, nursing facility, adult day center, and participants’ homes! I am excited to share these strategies with my manager and my co-workers. BEST CONFERENCE I have attended in a long time!

Care Tourville, Physical Therapy Assistant

Thank you, thank you, thank you for writing the above book and sharing it with all of us. I am a caretaker for a roommate of 32 years. Bev has had dementia for 7 years. A neighbor brought your book to me this past week and I finished it last night. I learned so much and the examples you wrote about were very informative. My friend does not wander and she is a very easy going person so far and does not lash out. However, after reading your book I realize I have not handled some of the situations as I should have and appreciate being enlightened. She has a good sense of humor and is not cranky or combative (at least yet). I hear the same stories over and over and now I have a better response after reading your book. Also it really hit me about I need to change as she cannot. Thanks!!

We are both retired teachers and it is difficult to see a very intelligent person succumb to this terrible disease.

I am going to call our bookstore and see if I can get a few copies to take to two memory facilities that I visit with my dog. I am sure you are aware of how animals can really bring joy into people with memory problems. Sometimes it is time consuming for me, but when my dog crawls up on their laps and their eyes just light up–it is worth the time.
God Bless you-

Marion Iverson, Minnetonka, MN

Cindy, it has been a pleasure meeting you. I have truly enjoyed the opportunity to talk with you about some of the difficult situations we face daily in providing the best care possible to this very challenging population. Your presentation at the program: “Reduce the Challenging Behaviors of Dementia along with Potential Liability”, was excellent.

It is very obvious that you have worked in this environment, enjoyed it, and have a passion for delivering the best care to this population.. I think those in attendance at the program were very inspired to go back to their facilities and employ several ideas and concepts you presented.

Your “Code of Behavior” for your staff was poignant.

Thanks again.

Thom Whipple, Administrator, Cedar Crest Nursing Centre/Cedar Home Health, Cranston R.I.

To Those who would benefit from my experience:

February 22, 2012

I t has been my pleasure to have known and appreciated my professional
relationship with Cindy Keith, RN, BS, Certified Dementia Practitioner.

In our initial introduction, Cindy Keith was employed by The Village at
Penn State, a Life Care Community to assist caregivers of dementia patient’s spouse or other family members in dealing with and understanding the responsibilities and difficulties experienced when dementia symptoms are presented. Cindy was of immense help in her professional advisory capacity for the two hundred members of this institution. She has been invited repeatedly to teach and recommend in this function.

More recently, TRIAD, a learning center for senior persons who work with the law and the law enforcers for the mutual benefit of all concerned, Cindy was invited to give the Centre County members an overview of these experiences in an aging population. All of those present benefited immensely from her lecture.

Thank you, for permitting me to express my thoughts to you, that you may enjoy a pre-knowledge of Cindy Keith.

Richard H. Kustin, The Village at Penn State

Having presented at our annual public caregiver seminar series, Cindy draws a large audience and receives high praise from attendees. Through her frank, practical discussions, she shares valuable, detailed information in an easily-understandable format, fostering a much stronger understanding of the unique challenges facing those caring for someone with dementia. She is sincere in her presentation and easily connects with her audience, drawing upon examples from her many years in the field.

From seminar surveys: “Speaker was very strong. Bring her back, if possible,” and “Very practical for the caregiver. I took lots of notes!”

Anissa Rupert Ilie, Marketing & Public Relations

“ACTS Retirement-Life Communities, the largest not-for-profit owner, operator and developer of continuing care communities (CCRC) in the United States, was pleased to have Cindy Keith, RN, BS, CDP present, ”Tips for Handling Challenging Behaviors From People with Dementia” at their quarterly, Nurses’ Education Evening on January, 4, 2012.

Cindy’s presentation, attended by nurses, nursing assistants and administrative staff was enjoyed by everyone. Her personal stories of working with people with dementia were powerful and informative. Participant evaluations of the presentation were excellent.
Several nurses commented, “that was a 5-star presentation.”

Barbara Marini MSN, RN, GCNS-BC, Administrator of ACTS Health Services Institute

“We have been using Cindy Keith’s M.I.N.D. in Memory Care DVD at Huntington Terrace ALF for about two years now. Our management team has been able to use it for state mandated dementia training. We’ve even used it so much that we wore it out and had to request a new copy! It is a great video that keeps our staff engaged and truly helps them understand seniors with dementia.”

“Thanks so much Cindy!”

Sabrina Anhaak, Resident Care Coordinator, Hunting Terrace by Bonaventure
“Cindy’s up to date workshop on managing the behaviors of persons with dementia(PWD) provided useful and realistic interventions for anyone working with this special client population. She covered a number of dementia behaviors such as pacing and wandering, catastrophic reactions, disruptive behaviors and the triggers that often precipitate the behaviors. Most importantly, she provided many real world examples of scenarios which have occurred in her nursing practice in relation to dementia. I have used a number of her suggested responses with great success. I strongly endorse her workshops as well as her educational DVDs.”
Darlene Clark, RN, MS, Senior Lecturer in Nursing, Penn State University
“Cindy’s knowledge and experience in dealing with dementia patients has been invaluable to our family. She is a genuinely caring person who can answer questions, offer suggestions, and provide support. Working with her has helped us understand Alzheimer’s Disease. She has taught us how to deal with difficult situations and how to communicate better with our loved one, making life much easier for all of us. She is there for us when we need help dealing with a particular problem or if we just need someone to talk to. Caregiving is an overwhelming responsibility, and there are constantly new challenges. Cindy has helped us to face these challenges and to keep going. It is so reassuring to know she is there when we need her.”
Ruth Meyers

“When my fiercely independent, 90-year old mother in Florida began showing unmistakable signs of dementia, my sister and I had no idea how to bring up the subject of assisted living without making her agitated and defensive. We had always enjoyed a close relationship and the prospect of making her angry and resentful towards us was very painful.”

“I contacted Cindy Keith and she agreed to meet with me at my office while my sister in Chicago joined us via speaker phone. Cindy answered all our questions and gave us a number of practical suggestions about how to discuss the prospect of moving in a positive, non-threatening way.”

“She also provided us with information about local elder care services and facilities.”

“When my sister and I went to Florida for my mother?s birthday we were able to begin our discussion about moving without the angry confrontation we dreaded. Talking with Cindy gave us the confidence we needed to attempt this difficult task.”

Carol Anderson, Ph.D., CCC-SLP

“Aging is often a very painful process, especially for patients with dementia and Alzheimer’s. However the dedication of professionals who care for the aged and their memory loss is a gift from God, helping the patient and their families to cope with these enormous challenges.”

“Cindy Keith has had a profound effect on our family. As the head nurse at a home for memory impaired, she combined her enormous nursing skills, extensive knowledge of our mother’s condition with a sincere effort that showed love and compassion.”

“We feel very fortunate to have Cindy Keith as our caring professional.”

Larry and Dolores Butler

“People living with dementia are special and they have a difficult illness in common. They are also individuals, no two alike, who have unique needs and potential for functioning and quality of life. Cindy has the special gift of recognizing the needs of people living the dementia and of knowing how to realize the best potential for the patient while understanding the role of the caregiver. Cindy worked with me in my geriatric practice caring for hundreds of patients over the years, and she assisted in the development of an advance assessment center for persons living with dementia. She never lost sight of the patient or the patient’s needs while working in a state of the art medical environment.”

“As a physician with extensive experience in caring for the elderly, I recommend Cindy to anyone who has responsibility for care for people with dementia.”

Betsey A. Eggler, M.D.

“Cindy Keith came into my family two years ago when I was looking for a place for my Mom, who suffers from dementia. I found an unusual place that had a very special nurse who told me all she wanted to do was care for little old confused ladies. Cindy and the staff she had trained took good care of my Mother, a retired RN herself, who used to enjoy sitting in Cindy’s office because she was ‘that nurse I used to work with–Jeanie’. Cindy was able to find humor in a woman who had been very angry for years and she made her laugh. She gave my Mom the opportunity to have special days all year long–Christmas parties, dancing in or out of a wheelchair, Mother’s Day teas, picnics and happy birthdays to help Mom feel at home.”

Cindy will always have a special place in my heart. She has the knowledge and a true love for the elderly to help us provide the best possible care for our parents. I hope you will allow her to use her knowledge and love of the elderly to care for your parents. My Mom still asks me “Where is that nurse you used to work with–Jeanie–the one that liked chocolate?”

Mary Stewart, RN
“What are the qualities that make for an outstanding health care provider? Good training, experience, intelligence, works well with others, and compassion. Cindy Keith possesses all of these qualities. Having worked with Cindy for four years, I would strongly recommend her for either consulting with families or staff dementia training.”
Michael Tanitsky, D.O.
“I first encountered the work of Cindy Keith in a dark time. My father had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and I was struggling daily to find additional help with caregiving. I could find no one who was able to interact with him without triggering angry outbursts and heart breaking humiliation. Cindy’s books provided me with guidance and inspiration. Ultimately I took her training course to become a Dementia Care Practitioner myself and found her to be an engaging speaker who was able to provide far more than the course material included. Caring for someone with dementia can be bewildering and physically exhausting, not to mention emotionally draining. Cindy brings a wealth of experience, knowledge, and insight to the table. There are so many small but crucial ways to improve the quality of life and relationships of those suffering with dementia. Cindy is a master at identifying them. Her unique voice is one of practical wisdom combined with a depth of compassion lightly tossed with save-the-day (and your sanity!) humor. I cannot recommend her highly enough to elder care facilities and family caregivers alike.”
Bonnie Clayton-Loewy M.Ed