Topics for Presentation, Keynotes in Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease

Cindy Keith , RN, relies on two decades of experience as a nurse, manager and administrator as well as her current role as a researcher to discuss a wide range of topics for those caring for dementia patients. Among those topics:

  1. Facilities Successfully Managing People with Dementia & Reducing Their Liability
  2. Depression, Activities & Dignity in People With Dementia
  3. Dementia Training for Facility Directors and Administrators (8 hour DPW approved)
  4. Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care Course (8 hour course sanctioned by NCCDP)
  5. Dementia Teaching For Nurse Aide Educators in the PA Department of Education
  6. Alzheimer’s Behavior in Search & Rescue Situations
  7. Caring For a Family Member Who Has a Type of Dementia
  8. Keeping Your Brain Healthy Now & Hope For The Future
  9. Help For Emergency Room Nurses Dealing With Patients With Dementia
  10. Front Line Staff Dementia Training for Facility Workers (4-6-8 Hour trainings)
  11. Bringing Nurturing To Memory Care
  12. Occupational Therapy Dementia Interaction Tips
  13. Tips for Clergy Who Help Families Struggling With Dementia
  14. Emergency Medical Service Personnel Interacting With People with Dementia
  15. Hair Stylist’s Helpful Tips for Working With People With Dementia

Click here to download the  MIND in Memory Care – Speakers Kit PDF. It contains valuable information regarding Cindy, her background, and keynote speaking topics.


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