Additional Resources

Alzheimer’s Speaks

The Alzheimer’s Speaks provides a variety of platforms and services to shift our dementia care culture globally. Alzheimer’s Speaks was created to bring voice back to the disease in many forms and fashions while encouraging, assisting and engaging those living with the disease; as well as their care partners both family and professional. Our goal is to supply the information you need in a timely and easy format.

Alzheimer’s Speaks is creator of the following:

  • The first Memory Café (a social support group for those with early memory loss and their care partners) in the US, which is a concept from the UK.
  • The first International Collaborative Resource Directory For Dementia
  • Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio is the first show dedicated to dementia
  • Dementia Chats™ the first webinar platform dedicated to interviewing those with dementia allowing us to learn from those who have the disease.
  • Shifting Your Dementia Care Culture™ webinar series which is the first training program that educates, staff, family and public all with a similar message to help them speak the same language to increase their ability to communicate with one another and provide person centered care.
  • The first to launch Dementia Friendly businesses and communities in the US

Lori, Alzheimer’s Speaks

Lavine Long Term Care Insurance

I found a site that explains the complexities of long-term-care insurance simply and in plain English: Lavine Long Term Care Insurance

Cindy Keith, RN

Sound Minds Institute

Dr. William Matteson is a Geriatric Psychologist, consultant, accomplished speaker, author, and founder and director of the Sound Minds Institute in Santa Monica, California.

Tips for Bathing People with Dementia

offers helpful tips for the bathing routine. This PDF assists the caregiver in preparations and expectations around bath time.

Click the PDF icon to download a copy of “Helpful Tips for Bathing People with Dementia” or click the title to view the webpage.
Cindy Keith, RN

Affirmative Therapy Products

are two CDs with positive messages and specially composed inspirational music by Mark Romero designed to support and acknowledge you. One is for caregivers in any venue for any diagnosis. The other is for people with memory and cognitive challenges. These CDs can enhance the positive aspects of any environment with minimal time requirement. They are cost-effective, non-invasive and easy to implement. Both CDs offer “respite”. Read more about them including fabulous testimonials and listen to a sample of each at

These CDs were developed by Barbara Klein-Robuck, MS, RN and Donna McCullough, PhD

Shine Your Light Tucson

offers a variety of services for caregivers and family members of people with AD and other forms dementia. These include training and support, elder mediation, family and couples counselling, grief counseling, long-term care referrals, and senior fitness testing and coaching. Bonnie Clayton-Loewy is a trained eldercare mediator. She holds a Master’s of Education and Bachelor of Arts degrees in Psychology and Religious Studies, and she is trained to administer the Rilki and Jones senior fitness test.

Bonnie’s business is based in Tucson, AZ

“The Fifth Season”

a novel by Robert C. S. Downs is an insightful and poignant story about a man struggling to deal with his mother’s dementia and his father’s unyielding control. The love and the traumas that are always a part of living with a person with dementia are beautifully portrayed in the characters in this compelling account of a son trying to come to grips with multiple crises involving his aging parents. His storytelling has the ability to make you want to take sides with each character in turn, and I didn’t want to put this book down until I finished it.

This book is available through and I highly recommend it. Cindy Keith, RN, BS, CDP