Dementia Care Training for Eldercare Facility Staffs

Cindy Keith, RN, BS, CDP is an experienced educator in the dementia field. She has taught nursing assistants, support staff, LPN’s, and RN’s how to best care for this fast growing population.

Recognizing that every type of facility currently houses people in varying stages of dementia, it is imperative that staff be fully trained in how to best deal with the challenging behaviors these people will exhibit.

Cindy’s training will help a facility maintain their census, as well as protect staff and residents through proactively identifying and effectively diffusing those situations that will be presented by a person suffering from dementia.

When staff members are trained on how to respond in a nurturing and respectful manner, all parties involved benefit and many potentially dangerous situations can be avoided. How confident are you in your staff’s ability to handle the challenges they face daily from residents with dementia?

To schedule training sessions tailored to your staff
needs and budget restrictions contact Cindy.

Also Available: Staff Training Video
An excellent alternative to having Cindy travel to your facility, the training video “Bringing Nurturing to Memory Care” consists of two DVD’s that run for 2 hours and 28 minutes and includes a written test. This provides a valuable three hour staff dementia training. Perfect for in-service trainings to numerous staff members or as a new employee orientation tool. The video will arrive with a written test (
Download the answer key). To learn more about this valuable tool or to purchase one for your facility.

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